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Always Accepting New Foster Parents

What is a Foster Parent

The Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services defines foster parents as people who, "provide a stable and caring home that encourages a child's growth and development. In Ontario, foster homes can care for up to four children at a time. Foster parents are people who have a genuine desire to contribute to a child and youth’s well-being, and to their community, and come from all cultural and religious backgrounds."

How to Become a Foster Parent

SAFE (Structured Analysis, Family Evaluation) Home Study

Step 1: Contact us to set up an appointment to meet with Jodi and David (Co-Directors) to discuss fostering in your home.

Step 2: If you seem like you would be a positive role model to children and youth and have an adequate home to care for them, you will then be required to send in a police records check

Step 3: If you have a clean police records check, you will then be required to get a Children's Aid provincial and local database check

Step 4: If the Children's Aid provincial and local database check comes back clean, you are required to do a SAFE Home Study with Stepping Stones (4-8 weeks)

Step 5: If you pass the Safe Home Study, you are required to do a home safety walkthrough with the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education) Training

Step 6:  If you pass the home safety walkthrough, you are required to take part in different foster parent training:

Cultural sensitivity

Attachment theory

Trauma-informed care

A strength-based approach to care

Working with children who are differently-abled

And much more

Congratulations if you made it this far, you are officially a foster parent!

Ongoing monthly training is provided to all foster parents

For more information call

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