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About Us

Child and Youth Focused Care

Who Are We?

Stepping Stones Foster Care Inc. is a foster care agency licensed by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) to provide residential care for children and youth under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act and Licensing Regulations. Yearly audits by the ministry and placing agencies ensure the compliance of the standards and our licence renewal.

SSFC first opened its doors to children on August 31, 2003. Since that time, the organization has grown and is able to support 34 foster homes and provide care for up to 60 children at any given time. Our children range in ages from birth to 21 years of age. 


Stepping Stones is a treatment based, attachment and trauma-informed organization. We foster babies, children, youth, and in certain cases young adults. Our age range for care is 0-24. Some of the children and youth are differently-abled, which includes having ADD/ADHD, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Conduct Disorder, social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties. We also foster runners, pregnant teenagers, individuals who self-harm, individuals showing signs of mild drug and alcohol abuse, high-risk youth, those with an involvement with the law, and others in need of supportive living.


Stepping Stones is a foster care agency that is committed to providing and promoting the well being of every individual in our care regardless of their life experiences. Through supportive in-house and community-based programs, we are able to help each child and youth reach their full potential.

We are invested in the success of our foster parents​ by providing ongoing support, supervision, and training, which empowers them to provide excellent care for the children and youth in their homes.

We support cultural identity, diversity, and accessibility for all children and youth as well as their foster families.

Our Stones to Success

We believe that every child is worthy.

We believe that our families need to know their children.

We believe that our children should have dreams.

We believe that our community is a valuable resource.

We believe that the child's biological family is an integral part of their lives.

We believe that a child's friendships should be cultivated.

We believe that a child's education is one of the keys to success.

We believe in the child's right to be heard.

We believe in the child's right to be involved in all decisions regarding their care.

We believe in fully supporting our families.

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