Mission Statement

Stepping Stones is a Foster Care agency that is committed to providing and promoting the well being of every individual in our care, regardless of their life experience. Through supportive well- maintained community based housing we will endeavor to help each young adult reach their full potential.

We are also committed to our youth by providing on going support, training and modeling which will empower them to strive for their goals, take risks without the fear of rejection or failure.


We believe that our young adults who are transitioning from care deserve the same advantages as their counterparts in biological homes. To empower the young adults, to learn skills that will allow them to cope efficiently and positively in today’s society.

Justification of Stepping Stones

“Youth who age out of the foster care system are a population at high risk of having difficulty managing the transition from dependent adolescence to independent adulthood. They experience high rates of educational failure, unemployment, poverty, out of wedlock parenting, mental illness, housing instability and victimization “(On your own without a net – D.Wayne Osgood)

Stones to Success

Stone 1:

We believe that every young adult transitioning from care deserves the right to have a safe, comfortable, quality environment to live and study.

Stone 2:

We believe that young adults transitioning from care need to feel free to express their fears and concerns about being on their own.

Stone 3:

We believe that young adults need continued support in managing their finances for the first time on their own.

Stone 4:

We believe that young adults need to have available to them resources that will assist them in making better-informed choices.

Stone 5:

We believe that young adults need to feel secure in their surrounding in order to feel comfortable in taking risks and failing safely without catastrophic consequences.

Stone 6:

We believe that though young adults in transition are following the natural process of separation, it is important to maintain connections with the past to ensure support in their future.

Stone 7: 

We believe that Young adults need to continue developing their social network / pressures while learning how to managing the demands of Daily expectations.

Stone 8: 

We believe that Young adults transitioning need continued guidance in developing healthy long- term intimate relationships.

Stone 9: 

We believe that the community is a valuable resource and that having a resident don in the home will help maintain acceptable norms, through role modeling and encouraging the youth to become involved in team based activities.

Stone 10: 

We believe that though transitioning youth have financial resources supplied they need to be encouraged to find and maintain employment and learn how to juggle this with the demands of school and social expectations.

Stone 11: 

We believe that education is one of the keys to success and all efforts should be made to assist the transitioning youth to be successful.

Stone 12: 

We believe that transitioning youth need continued support in their new endeavor and Stepping Stones through the support of a “Don” will ensure that all possible resources are made available to maximize the success of the young adults.odds of moving easily into independence are stacked against foster children.

Program Description

Stepping Stones is a Foster Care organization committed to young adults transitioning from care and being successful participants in the community. Our priorities are to ensure that the young adult have adequate support and housing when making this difficult journey in one of the major stages of development (separation).

Though confident in their own abilities and desires to live on their own and make it in the real world, young adults leaving care often lack the skills and knowledge to be successful. Stepping Stones will look at the individual young adult, assess their level of need and assist in developing ways to help the young adult achieve their individual goals. We recognize that all young adults enter the system at different levels and of different need. Our goal will be to maximize the young adults strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

It is important in the delivery of our program that the young adults feel that transitioning out of care is a positive move and they will continue to live in a means they have become accustomed too. Enhancing the skills already taught through CAS initiatives, reinforcing the need to continue education and learning how to support themselves effectively will all be major focuses of the program.

The program will be located in a 4-bedroom home. Each participant in the program will be provided with his or her own bedroom/living space with lock access. They will also have the luxury of a common eating and leisure /recreation area, and shared bathrooms. The residence/home will be set up in a manner no different from that of a traditional university residence.

Specific components, which make the Stepping Stones residence unique, is the support of the young adult in each stage of his/her development. The residence will have a assigned “Don” this is comparable to the resident advisor in the university residences.

The “Don” will undertake the role of modeling and ensuring that the young adult is managing all area’s of their lives. Attending class is just one of the many things that will be monitored and the young adult will be assisted in making changes over time.

The young adult will be responsible for living on his or her own and the consequences of the choices they make. The Don will be there to assist in providing direction and resources so the young adult can maintain a positive outlook through the growing process. Resources and advice will also be available on an on going basis to the young adult.

The young adult will be responsible for their own living space, cooking their own meals and maintaining their own personal needs. The residence will come with a fully equipped Kitchen, shared living spaced, cable and internet.   Young Adults living space will be solely their responsibility. This will be a locked private space.

Consideration for Placement

Placement / acceptance into this residence can only be applied for by transitioning young adult and their individual caseworkers. The young adult must be transitioning from care and seeking higher education or a co-operative job placement opportunity. The young adult is funded through the CCYS program of the Children’s Aid

Stepping Stones Demographics

Stepping Stones will operate and provide service for any young adult living in Ottawa, or moving to Ottawa to pursue a higher level of education or job experience. They must however be supported by the Children’s Aid Society.