Our Stones to Success


Stone 1:  We believe that every child is worthy.

Worthy of respect, love, nurturing, and caring, and the successes that life has to offer.


Stone 2:   We believe that our families need to know their children

Understanding the world children have known, will help in our quest to build on their strengths.


Stone 3:   We believe that our children should have dreams.

By supporting children’s dreams and hopes, we will help them reach their goals and potential.


Stone 4:  We believe that the community is a valuable resource.

Society helps teach our children acceptable norms; through role modeling, community-based activities, and recreational pursuits.


Stone 5:   We believe that the child’s biological family is an integral part of their lives.

Wherever possible, we want to continue to build connections to help children stay invested in their own family relationships to promote reintegration.


Stone 6:  We believe that a child’s friendships should be cultivated.

Having friends is a very important part of child development.  Foster parents encourage the children to make their friends an active part of the family life.


Stone 7:  We believe that a child’s education is one of the keys to success.

 All efforts to support the school and the child are a priority.


Stone 8:  We believe in the child’s right to be heard.

Through the caring and supportive approach of our foster families, the child is given the opportunity to have his/her concerns listened to and responded to in a non-threatening manner.


Stone 9:  We believe in the child’s right to be involved in all decisions regarding his/her care.

If planned development is shared with the child and they have active participation in this, they are more inclined to take ownership and positive control of their lives.


Stone 10:  We believe in fully supporting our families

By supporting our families in the challenges of fostering, the child will benefit in all areas of their life as well as making it a rewarding experience for both the family and the foster child.