Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

Stepping Stones is a Foster Care Agency that is committed to providing and promoting the well being of every individual in our care, regardless of their life experience.  Through supportive in-house and community-based programs, we will endeavour to help each child and youth reach their full potential.


We are also committed to our foster parents by providing ongoing support, supervision, and training, which will empower them to provide excellent care for the children and youth in their own homes.



We believe that our foster parents and staff must enable and empower the children and youth in our care, to learn skills that will allow them to cope efficiently and positively in today’s society.  The skill being the ability to do a specific task.


Our four main principals are:

·        Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:  Every person needs to be safe and free from abuse and neglect.  Once a person feels safe, then he or she can begin the journey to self-actualization.

·        Cognitive Restructuring:  Changing a child’s and youth’s methods of thinking about themselves and how they respond to inside and outside influences.

·        Positive Role Modeling:  As parents, staff, and counsellors, we are being watched in all we do.  We must endeavour to model positive actions and behaviours at all times.

·        Strength Based Behaviour Management:  Many children have not learned appropriate responses to many different situations.  Through logical consequences, positive reinforcement, and other strength based behaviour management techniques, we hope to change this.

The practice of physical restraints is not seen as a therapeutic tool in management behaviour.  If the child is posing a safety risk to themselves or others, physical intervention may be necessary.  This will only be implemented by trained foster parents.  As a management practice, this will be discussed and agreed upon in the child’s plan of care.