en Vogue 


"Your thoughts determine Your actions, Your actions determine Your habits, Your habits determine your character, and Your character gives birth to Your destiny"

Discovering Me

The en Vogue program is a ten-week program designed to meet the unique needs of female youth. This program focuses on empowering young women to develop and flourish their body image, self-esteem and self-confidence through coaching, guiding and redirecting them towards a positive healthy life style.

Our intention is to bring together young women with a varying degree of day to day life issues, in order for them to work together as a small group in making and reaching their personal goals.

Each young woman will be meeting with the CYC weekly. They should participate in a recreation program of their choice and make a commitment to follow through weekly. They will take part in scheduled groups that will provide them with the opportunity to learn new skills and try new things.

Scrap-booking and journaling are a key component of this program.  Not only will it be a keepsake of their journey towards self-discovery; it will allow them to express their feelings, emotions, thoughts and goals.

This program will end with a special night out on the town, allowing them to express their “style” and celebrate their uniqueness as they move forward towards their new life goals.

                Ten Week Program Highlites

                                       Week 1:  Program Overview                                        

                             Week 2:  Body Image/Fashion

                              Week 3:  Healthy Lifestyle

                              Week 4:  Relationships

                              Week 5:  Recreation/Hobbies

                              Week 6:  Positive Thinking

                              Week 7:  Me and My World

                              Week 8:  Character Traits

                              Week 9:  Life Map

                              Week 10:  Vogue Night