A Therapeutic Summer Camp

Calming Waters Summer Program

Children engage in an array of fun, multi-sensory experiences and activities based on our own unique “Building Relationships in the Community” and “Life Skills Approach”, while incorporating “Dr. Terry Orlick” (CHEO) MindMasters program.

The camp will include daily excursions, which will focus on and enhance the therapeutic teachings through community based activities. Each child is able to “put into practice” what they have learned. Children will also engage in hands on experiences in, creative arts & crafts and lively interactions through sporting activities.

Week long day camps are offered during select weeks in July and August. Camp sessions run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday for a 2 week period.

The summer program is directed by David Corkery who currently oversees our Life Skills, and ART (Aggression Replacement Training) program.

Our intentions with this program is: to empower children/youth by providing them with the skills and abilities to effectively manage stressful situations that are interfering with their day to day interactions at home, school and in the commun


Open to those 9 to 12 years old male or female. Participants will be clustered according to age/ ability and have the option of attending either 2 weeks in the month of July or August. They can also take advantage of attending the full four weeks of the summer program opportunities offered through the Calming Waters course.

For information regarding this program please call David Corkery at: 

(613) 747-2223 or (613) 913-7947


The Calming Waters Summer program is staffed with experienced and certified Child and Youth Counselors, and many support staff to provide high quality experiences for all participants to ensure everyone is included to their fullest ability and have many opportunities for a fun, rich, learning experience.



Program introduction:

-Introduction of the program -Explaining of Expectations -Expectations of Participants

-Establish Boundaries -Set Goals

*Outdoor Park Activities


5 Positive Living Skills

-Relaxation -Stress Control -Positive Thinking -Highlights -Positive Imagery

*Gatineau Park Hiking


Deep Breathing Exercises

Spaghetti Toes- Relation teaching from uncooked and cooked spaghetti- Tension and relaxation.

Jelly Belly- Relaxation by controlling your breathing.

*Water Park


Positive Imagery

-Finding your positive place. The place you go to forget your problems and find your happy space.

*Tai Chi


Changing Channels

-Participants learn to change channels in their minds. They learn to move from negative thoughts to

positive thoughts, from stressed to relaxed.

*Movies at the theatre


Focus Exercises

-Focusing through distractions requires participants to listen closely despite the distraction to solve a challenge.

*La Fleche Aerial Park


Community Focus Day

-The intent this day is to have the participants in the program do an activity in the community while using communication skills and interacting with new contacts to complete a given task.

*Community Volunteering


Revisiting your Childhood

-An exercise that teaches children the most basic and simpler forms of innocent fun. Sometimes in their

haste to grow up, they forget how to just be young and have simple fun.

*Childhood Activities


The Great Discovery/Race

-The participants will utilize all the skills taught from the week in a race against time and discovery. The participants will be paired with their key worker. They will work as a team to complete the task.

*The Amazing Race

DAY 10

Graduation Day

-Reviewing of the program,and rewards for all of their hard work is on the agenda 
*Children will receive a diploma for completing the summer program.